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Monday, 31 August 2015

My first Chanel

Featured is my first Chanel bag, it’s a seasonal Chanel with nautical charms. One day mid this year I just woke up deciding to jump on-board the bandwagon collecting high-end designer bags. Don’t know what really hit me, I suspect it’s my sudden penchant to reading fashion and lifestyle blogs that started late last year. 

If hubby has massive collections of old computers and aircraft models (among other things really since he’s a hoarder) I have this bag hag tendency.  I actually planned to get only one bag of each brand just to feel the designer’s glamour but 2 weeks later I got a Chanel Medallion tote and a month after I finally embraced my long-time dream - a classic Chanel. Oh what a feeling, I thought I’ve accomplished something haha, so shallow!

Seasonal Chanel

But I felt guilty afterwards that I decided to sell this seasonal flap but never really had the strength to do so. I just fell in love with it, I can’t let it go. I know it’s nothing compared to the beauty and timelessness of the classic flap but this one is lightweight and easy to carry that I can wear it as a crossbody bag. And the fact that it’s a seasonal item so it’s harder to find. The hardware of this bag is matte gold that adds glam to it, well most seasonal Chanel bags have matte gold anyway if not silver. Though my classic Chanel is my top bag at the moment yet I haven’t worn it. See I’m showing signs of a vain collector already but what can I do I have no night life anymore. So I will blog about it when I finally take it outside the house or when it has seen the light of day. But this seasonal Chanel has only been out to our front yard on one Sunday afternoon while hubby and kids were picking kumquats and blood orange.
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Gastronomic Weekend

We were cooking up a storm last weekend from Friday night til Sunday night, obviously no rest for the gastronomically wicked. We normally treat our kids to McDonalds on Friday nights (we call that a treat, bad parents :-)) to spare us from washing (aha there you go) instead I cooked salmon and baked broccoli with cheese. On top of that I made a rich chocolate mud cake that I also brought to our connection group on Saturday. I tell you it’s the best tasting mud cake ever, I’m happy that I finally got the perfect recipe. Better than any store bought, well, I always stop and buy rich and dark chocolate cakes and brownies in every cafĂ© that I see around Sydney.

Mud Cake
Doesn't it look moist and inviting?

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Trench and the Boys

I have to publish this post before the end of cold season in Southern hemisphere. While trench coats are colourful and mood uplifter on a rather dreary and cold mornings, I wouldn’t wear these to work on a normal winter’s day since it couldn’t really protect me from Sydney harbour’s chilly wind even in mid morning or early night. I like wearing trench on a Sunday to church or when I’m out and about with the boys in the shops and around the neighbourhood.

My love for trench is growing and here goes a juxtaposition of my trench coats and the boys. First up in green trench with black and white stripes lining. It’s nice donning it with a body-hugging dress underneath so it won’t look frumpy then leave it unbuttoned.

Charles and Keith
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Movie time - Jurassic World

Few Saturdays ago my family (minus baby Jace) went to watch the movie Jurassic World, something that we haven’t done for quite some time. This movie sparks an interest with us because of its blockbuster predecessor Jurassic Park and it’s a family movie so we can’t go wrong. It has a bit of science lesson too which is good for students but not according to my oldest son. I don’t know what’s with the teenage hormones as nothing is good for him anymore; nevertheless, he came with us because he had no choice. It’s a family thing and he had nothing more to say.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My Fiji Getaway - The Beach

Back to my Fiji getaway, the beach story this time. I wasn’t aware Fiji is 2 hours ahead from Sydney, all the while I was thinking only 1 hour to add from the time in my mobile. So we woke up at 8am (but was really 9am) and headed for the beach. It was refreshing to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (never had one for more than a year since giving birth). Because my mum cannot walk in rough edges much more in big rock boulders she opted to stay in the sun lounger by the pool still enjoying the fresh sea breeze. The beach was accessible by going down on a wooden staircase which was quite steep.

Ahh the fine sand!
Love this wooden staircase, almost like stairway to paradise.

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