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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Pristine Waters of Palawan

With a panoramic sunset view like this who wouldn’t appreciate the wonders of the Creator that the islands of Palawan could offer?

Coron Palawan

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Into the Blue at Crimson Resort

How can I leave Cebu without going to its beaches? Oh well, I didn’t this time as right after 2 nights of sleep at Radisson Blu we packed our bags again and headed to Mactan, the host island of Cebu’s finest resorts. Thus, we began our truly R&R experience in the Phils, another 2 nights in Crimson Resort and Spa would suffice our love for the beach as we thought. But not really as we embarked to our Boracay adventure after this stint in Crimson. But as I already blogged about my Boracay story in my previous post here, this Cebu resort is my post of the week. 
Crimson Resort Cebu
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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lovin' Cebu

Stepping back in the Philippines after 3 years was a breath of fresh air, a warm air though even when it’s December. It’s the coolest temperature the country can offer and I always reiterated that it’s the best month to travel to the Phils. But I would change it to January now because of some low pressures we experienced that delayed our flights due to heavy rains. Being in Cebu was astonishing as it is although we got there at 1am the next day from our departure in Sydney. See the delay? But it was replaced with smiles when we were greeted by our young relos and friends who were patiently waiting for us in Radisson Blu Hotel lounge area.
Radisson Blu Cebu
Christmas goodies shop in the hotel lobby

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Boracay - the beach capital of the Philippines

Uhhmm, my 3 week-holiday is over and now back on my desk in Sydney. The 3 weeks went pretty fast, too fast to gain weight from all those hotel buffet breakfasts. It also covered 2 important holidays (Christmas and New Year) where feasting was the whole idea and fasting was not encouraged, at least in my family tradition. More importantly, it was spent with family and friends so merrimint was in the air no negativity allowed. We flew in via Cebu Pacific and had a connecting flight to Cebu. Spent 4 nights in my old queen city of the south where I saw my young generation of family (hello nieces and nephews) and bonded well with my dear friends. We then flew to Boracay for another 3 nights in which I decided to write a blog first (Cebu next) only because I have all the pictures needed :)

The wave pool in the resort.
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