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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Unboxing my Burberry Orchard bag

I always had a fascination with Burberry, this quintessential British fashion house which is synonymous to trench coats that it globally popularised. Long before acquiring designer purses I was dreaming about this sartorial check bag with a matching wallet to be a staple in my wardrobe. But somehow it got taken over by Louis Vuitton which made my captivation for Burberry grew even more. So I ended up getting not only one but three check bags. This bag that is featured now is my ultimate Burberry item at the moment… presenting the Orchard in Sartorial house check. I ordered this online in brand-new with tags condition from Reebonz. One day when I came home from work, (hence, I was still in a suit) there it was on the coffee table waiting for me. Good thing I remembered to take a photo before unboxing, well, normally I can’t wait to rip the wrap and untie the ribbon.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Street Magnolias

I was lucky enough to catch these pink flowers in my street in full bloom which from the distance we thought as cherry blossoms. It was in the last month of winter (i.e. August) that I finally grabbed my boys to snap photos for me. Lucky too that it was shot in the middle of the day and the sun was on its peak so it was a bit warmer. A couple of weeks after we took the photos, the flower started to fall and new kinds of flowers started to blossom. It's spring now and my street has a different colour theme. Meanwhile, here are the remnants of the pink hues that saturated my street when it was on its coldest.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My first high-end designer bag

This is it, the bag that caused it all. This is my first high-end designer bag, Louis Vuitton Hampstead in Ebene PM (small) size. It was an ordinary shopping day out with my mum, nieces and nephew who was our driver :-). I was wearing my blue flip-flop because of anticipated walking in the mall and paired it with my blue Oroton tote (not pictured). Before hitting the mall, we went to the city to pick up the LV that I pre-ordered. I was so awestruck as soon as I held the bag in my arms (ahhh!), the rich fine finish of the damier canvas and the red alcantara lining inside. I was trying not to get a bag with the monogram canvas at that time because I didn’t want a loud print screaming LV all around the purse but that soon changed after a few months passed :-). What attracted me even more to this bag is the shining gold metal plate in the front which is not common in the new LV releases.

Louis Vuitton Hampstead

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is observed in Oz and NZ on the 1st Sunday of September and I think in Sweden as well. It’s the first time we celebrated outside the house ever since Jace was born, for obvious reason and that’s because he was only 3 mos and a bit during last year’s Father’s day. I said obvious since you can never make me go out with a new baby just to dine in a restaurant. With babies less than 6 months I only go outside the house for their doctor’s appointment. If he can’t be on a high chair yet then restaurants are off limits. I’m sure there will be plenty of time later for him to try out the kid’s meal when he can actually chew the food in the comfort of the resto’s high chair. So last Sunday, we went to Outback Steakhouse since the boys had voted for it. Hubby went for the steak while the boys were up for the ribs and milkshakes. Well everyone was not disappointed including Jace who even enjoyed eating the lettuce from his dad’s salad. Me, I was after for the dessert portion, my only regret was I should have ordered the bigger size haha.

My grilled salmon in between the Vanilla and Strawberry milkshakes.

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