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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hair Extensions

While shoes can make or break an outfit, I think that the hair can seal the deal. Honestly, nothing can beat somebody who pays attention on styling her hair when arriving on an event. But what to do when you are stuck with a hair that is too short to work on? Or when you are sick of your hair colour or hair style and can't be bothered going to a salon. Or your hair is too thin and you just want a little bit of volume into it. Because women are a very complicated creatures, an answer to these tricky questions has come in a form of hair extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extension                                      16 inch Hair Weave                                  18 inch Hair Weave                             

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Jac Who?

This would be the first flowering tree you'll notice if you come to Australia in late Spring and early summer which is from October to December. At this time the street vegetation would definitely be either green or purple coloured. But it's a lovely sight to behold I promise you. You will be asking what is the name of this tree and hope to remember so there's just something to tell to others who don't know about it :)

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Spring Colours

Spring is almost over in Oz but I still get a lot of spring inspired stories to tell. Aside from crazy weather where you can experience different seasons in one day (see similar post here), different blooms are visible wherever there is soil found. Honestly, even if you've left a little dirt unintentionally in a pot, after a few weeks you can see a little weed with a flower blooming happily. Must be a happy time for both gardeners and the plants because of the abundant sunshine in the morning then watered by the rain in the afternoon. Too little maintenance needed indeed. This post features two common plants in my street, the Azalea and the Dandelion. 
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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Prom Times

PromTimes UK
A-line Strapless Knee-length Tulle
Being young is one of the most intriguing phases of life I reckon. Some people at that age don’t realise they are in the most exciting stage and in a hurry to outgrow it. And when they are out of it they wish they could go back and enjoy every moment.  Ahhhh… few realisations don’t happen until later, do you agree? So I am up for chasing the moment, savour every second kind of person. What I regret most in life are those things I wish I have done especially when it is good for my well-being physically or socially. In case you still don’t get it, I am talking about being sociable on my teens including events like school formals. In my time, part of my woes of not attending night balls was the what-will-I-wear moments. Nevertheless, I braved that bit and showed up on my school’s Prom night. Proms are undeniably the most anticipated event for the young girl's life and to help them look forward to it, PROMTIMES.CO.UK is here to the rescue.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Chanel Medallion

Don't you love those lazy afternoons with nothing to fuss about but sitting pretty with a good food and company? This post is just about that, got invited one arvo for a barbeque and chatted over a delectable dishes and fizzy drinks. Someone had done early dinner for my family so what was there to think about. It was a warm day as well, a very good time for a backless pink leopard print dress. I actually reserve this kind of outfit for a laid-back event on a cosy warm weather. It is flowy and made of cotton which helps me against sweating easily from running after my toddler who moved so much like an energiser bunny.

Chanel Medallion
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