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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Fiji Getaway - The Resort

My recent mini-getaway in Fiji was almost like a dream, it was so short but my hundreds of pictures proved that I was there. Honestly, who has the time to take a few hundreds of photos after being there for only a little over 24 hours? Trust me, I always do :) 

My mum who is here on a tourist visa in Australia can only stay up to 3 months so we have to exit her out and chill some place we fancy. It was my turn this time (my sis took her to Sg then my brother back to the Phils) and I preferred to go somewhere close but warm enough to sink my feet in the sand. Fiji is only a 4-hr flight from Sydney though the airfare is still not cheap. Well, it’s supposed to be a favourite hide-away for Aussie families because of the close proximity to the country and that explains why there were a lot of crying infants and toddlers making so much noise inside the plane, louder than the jet engines. I thought to myself before boarding that it would be a chance for me to have a good nap since I only got a 2-hr sleep the night before. Oh boy, oh boy was I wrong, the noise was unbearable though I feel sorry for the little kids. Why can’t these parents tuck them at home instead of dragging them to where I am going? And at that moment, I was glad I didn’t take Jace with me, maybe these whinging tots have busted their eardrums already :)
As soon as we landed in Nadi airport, it felt like a relief as suddenly the kids have stopped crying too. When we got out to the tarmac, the first thing I noticed was the humid air which for a second I thought I was in the Philippines. Then there were airport attendants offering help for my mum to wheel-in all the way to the taxi bay even waiting for me buying a big box of almond chocolates and sunblock lotion in the duty free shop. For a FIJ$10 tip she was so happy and wished us well for an unforgettable overnight stay.

The taxi ride only took 20 minutes to Denarau island where Wyndham resort is located next to the other resorts like Radisson Blu, Sheraton, Westin and Sofitel. Like any other Wyndham properties, this one doesn’t miss the boat. It’s a sprawling haven with more than 300 rooms that are all fully self-contained. The resort concierge was worried when she saw my mum in wheel-chair as she booked us in the 2nd floor room that has an ocean view. Well, forget about the view, we were happy enough that she was able to transfer us to a room in ground floor with a garden view in less than a minute. What a friendly service that was! Got settled in at half past 3pm Fijian time and there was not much time to lose before the sun sets. So mother and I went out and headed for the pool and beach. This was the view and the resort amenity that greeted us under the warm sun of Fiji.

Fiji Denarau
Glorious sunset of Fiji

Fiji Denarau Wyndham Resort
A girl photobombing and giving a peace sign.
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Friday, 3 July 2015

My one year old tries to walk...

I feel so bad sometimes not to see Jace, my 14 months old, walking yet while his nephew (yes folks he is already an uncle, a baby of my niece that is) who is 7 weeks younger than him already is running around. I blame myself of not being there with him all day everyday. But having said so, this boy is not lacking of attention in whatsoever, infact he is surrounded by too much care by those people around him to the point of holding him all the time and picking him up everytime he whines. I noticed that he tends to be lazy that way but in fairness to this bub he really wants to roam around the house with his walker opening cupboards and clicking on power switches.

So here are his photos when he's on the floor trying to move on his own from one table to another.

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