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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ocean Baths

It was the first hot weekend in Spring when we headed for a picnic and a swim. At first we planned to go to the Central Coast but since it was a long weekend when locals prefer to go out of town where long traffic is expected in the freeway so we decided to drive 40 minutes north of Sydney instead. We found this Narrabeen Head Aquatic reserve which is not only ideal for a barby (bbq) but for a nice dip in the water as well. As soon as we reached the entrance we found a grassy area with picnic tables and barbeque stands so ideal to let the kids frolic around. There is a tidal lagoon next to the picnic area where the water comes from the ocean, therefore, becomes deeper during high tide. Lucky I spotted this long wooden staircase which serves as an observatory for the whole place. It was a long and careful climb to the top but the view was so worth it, not to mention a perfect place to shoot for my red playsuit ootd.

Narrabeen Beach

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Four Seasons in a Day

Spring in Australia is unpredictable as. Well, you can continue the sentence but what I am referring is the crazy weather that you can experience in a day. Four seasons in one day is easily achievable, you wake up feeling cold and don’t know exactly what to wear until you check the weather forecast which is at least pretty much accurate. As soon as the sun shines it gets warmer and sometimes becomes unbearably hot from the middle of the day ‘til late arvo. And because hot weather causes lots of surface water to evaporate into the atmosphere, it eventually comes back down in a form of rain. Or if it rises quickly and cools quickly you can get hail as the raindrops stay aloft due to convection currents rising. But more than likely a thunderstorm is happening first before a heavy rainfall. This exactly happened last week, it was very humid and sticky from midday then I heard a thunderbolt so I went out immediately to get my clean laundry from the hills hoist. Didn’t even finish one line then I felt the hail dropping on my head. Lucky it wasn’t as big as golf balls or I’ll be in a great amount of pain :) In less than 3 minutes I was completely soaked. From then on it became colder all throughout the night.

Gucci Soho

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wisteria Lane

This is my second post about flowers in my neighbourhood. I have never imagined I would know more about flowers due to my new found hobby, blogging that is. It’s now in the middle of Spring in Australia though there have been flower festivals happening (Tulip festival in Bowral and the very popular Floriade in Canberra) I have to pass them for now since I can’t travel longer because of the baby. But I am contented to see my neighbours’ front yards change its colours every few weeks. In mid-September these long clusters of purple flowers were gracing the streets.

Louis Vuitton Montorgueil

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Classic Chanel

First week of October is already gone and I’m yet to publish my first post. Well, this month is a busy one for my family with several members celebrating their birthdays. I took these photos at the end of winter where I don’t need a coat during the day especially when it’s sunny. But I need layers and ankle boots to keep me warm and black tights to make me not look bulky. This purple one-piece knitwear is only worn on weather like this and is perfect for layering. To streamline the look I used my classic Chanel in silver hardware, who said I can only wear it to a party :)

Classic Chanel
Glorious sun rays
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