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About me

attended a farm wedding in Canberra

Hi there! Ok, my life is not really that fabulous though I tried to be but it is continuously busy. At home I have 3 boys (a teen, a tween and a toddler) to look after while juggling a career in IT. While squeezing time for myself is a luxury it is still achievable even if it only means grabbing my favourite frappe, looking for my next designer bag, meditating or even writing a blog. This little me-time is highly important and is keeping me sane :-). Blogging is my way to vent out and maybe overshare a bit how crazy/rewarding my life can be. Love taking photos which makes me even busier, nevertheless, it captures those precious moments that cannot be repeated. I believe we can be/feel fab no matter how much of a busy bee we are.  So read on, let me take you to a life of packed schedules yet have a chance to travel, dine, shop, party, serve and do it all fabulously.

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